UpStream is easy to use. And it's truly free.

Circular Economy UpStream Ecosystem Explainer

Step 1. Take out your trash

Take out your trash and recycling on scheduled pickup days just like you would normally do. We will log your bins weight with our proprietary system called WOMBAT to develop a trend of your household's waste production. A decrease in your household’s waste production will let you earn store credits to buy ethically sourced, eco-friendly products.

Step 2. Shop on UpStream’s eco-mmerce platform

Scroll through products on our platform and order with truly free delivery. Use your earned store credit from reducing your waste to save even more. You will find a variety of eco-friendly home-goods in our shop that you can not only feel good about getting delivered for FREE, but also feel good about being better for the environment.

Step 3. Enjoy Truly. free. delivery.

Get packages delivered to your doorstep by our Streamliners. Since we deliver alongside removing waste, you can expect packages to be delivered on your very next garbage or recycling day. And you can always enjoy free delivery—NO subscription fees, NO hidden costs. We save money by being ecological, and we pass those savings on to you.

Step 4. Reduce your waste, get rewards

We want you to help us be green. And we want to help you be more green. By reducing your waste, you not only reduce our operating costs; you also reduce the amount of fuel our Streamliners need to expend, you help us service more homes per route, and you help us put less into landfills. In order to help you reduce your waste, we not only provide green products on our store for free delivery; we will also give you rewards so that if you reduce your waste, you can get those eco-friendly products EVEN cheaper.

Givin' you the FAQ's

The most frequently asked questions from our customers

UpStream delivery is truly, absolutely, 100% free. Every single website claims they have free shipping but this just isn’t true. The cost is reflected somewhere, usually in the form of a slightly higher product cost (the shipping is built-in!).  There is also usually a subscription fee (hello Amazon…) and hoops to jump through like minimum order amounts. Because no company has solved the last-mile quite like UpStream it’s often hard to order in small quantities as well.  UpStream avoids these costs and passes on the savings to you — feel free to price compare!  

The sneaky last mile delivery cost also rears it’s ugly head in the form of environmental impact and logistical impact. UpStream’s local focus creates a much healthier work environment for our employees and reduces the environmental impact of your last-mile (by far the most harmful leg of the package’s journey!) delivery by 99.99%. 

If you are in an UpStream Community, you get truly-free shipping. UpStream is also a waste-servicer, so if UpStream is your waste-servicer, you are in an UpStream community.  Not only do you get truly-free shipping, you get access to special recycling programs, WOMBAT rewards and eventually free and painless neighbor to neighbor selling. 

CALLING ALL HOA’s -> Apply to be one here:

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Check how and where to recycle almost anything with this handy tool here:

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Our proprietary system for measuring waste and delivering you rewards. The sensors on our Streamliner trucks accurately measure the weight of your household’s waste and use that value to determine your reward – if you meet your goals to reduce your waste, you get cash that can be spent on our platform; The more you reduce your waste the more it saves us on hauling and dumping fees (while also saving the earth!) and we pass those savings RIGHT back to you.

UpStream is helping the environment by incentivizing the reduction of waste within its communities. While other waste-servicers scale off of throwing away MORE, UpStream succeeds in its business model by throwing away LESS. If people like you can be given a good reason to reduce their waste, we can empower communities to make a real difference. Imagine a community of 1000 homes producing 20% less trash and recycling 20% more – all while supplanting normal purchases for eco-friendly goods, having lower carbon footprints on their deliveries and buying locally.

> Overall, UpStream empowers being ecological.

Being an UpStream community means a lot to you, your family, and the world. UpStream can help you by:

–  Lowering your monthly waste bill

– Providing you with free and painless delivery

– Providing your community with free and effortless 2nd-Hand Marketplace selling

– Providing your community with recycling solutions

– Getting you huge discounts on the products your family needs, products you can feel good about buying

– Getting you FURTHER discounts on household goods and fun products when you reduce your waste

– Supporting local business through our platform

– Keeping landfills less full and less dangerous

The UpStream logo is a friendly icon representing all of UpStream.  The logo represents the duality of the business, waste servicing and ecommerce/delivery, as an “ambigram”. When you look at it with your head tilted to the left, it is a wombat, if you tilt your head to the right, it is a penguin, thus forming the Womguin. Wombats poop dense cubes, are cute and have incredible waste-processing abilities; W – Waste – Wombat. Penguins are known to bear gifts in some cultures and are cute and therefore embody delivery; P – Packages – Penguins. The logo is splashed with colorful streams all flowing, well, UP!


If you are having trouble seeing it, the wombat’s ear is the penguins beak, the penguin’s flapper/flipper is the front foot of the wombat. The webbed foot of the penguin is the fuzzy tail of the wombat.